Epoxy & Urethane Systems:

E.C.S.M. Inc. knows that every customers flooring needs are different and that's why we offer multiple options with all our flooring systems. When a highly durable industrial floor is in need, we offer our epoxy and urethane flooring systems. These systems are designed to what your needs are, or will be. Knowing what the floor will be used for and what type of traffic the floor will receive is very important in determining what system is best suited for you. Its very important to install the correct system for your needs, not just the cheapest. With the right system, you will be sure to get years of use from your floor. We offer several standard systems which include; Pigmented Epoxy and or Urethane Flooring, Random Flake Flooring, Full Flake Flooring and Quartz Flooring systems. In addition we can custom design a floor for your needs such as; Cold Temperature applications, Heat Resistant systems, Chemical Resistant systems and More!

The Epoxy we install is 100% solids, industrial strength, two component materials. What this means is that when we apply a coat of epoxy at 10 mils wet, there will be 10 mils of epoxy when it becomes tack free. The High-Performance epoxy systems that we offer range in thickness from 20 mils thick to 1/4" thick. Some have aggregate fillers, and are textured for traction. The products used are unavailable to the general public, and require special preparation procedures, along with certified applicators.

If you have a concrete floor, then you need us. From car dealers, retail facilities, grocery stores, oil change facilities and commercial kitchens, to residential garages and anywhere else that a concrete floor is used. E.C.S.M. Inc.. has a flooring system that will fit your needs.

Epoxy Flake:

A decorative seamless flooring systems which combines acrylic chips in the epoxy flooring system. The flakes are totally dispersed in the epoxy system and then a clear coat is applied to the surface to complete the seamless flooring system. This system requires minimum maintenance. Full flake epoxy provides an extremely durable flooring surface, even for the highest traffic areas. The full flake system can be installed in almost unlimited combination of colors. To make the selection of color easier we offer several standard color combinations. We also offer a variety of slip resistant textures to match what ever your need is.

Epoxy Quartz:

A decorative seamless floor system which combines colored quartz sands in the epoxy flooring system. The quartz granules are totally dispersed in the epoxy system and then a clear coat is applied to the surface to complete the seamless flooring system. The colored quartz granules can be combined in an almost endless combination of colors, although to make the selection easier we offer several standard color combinations. The surface texture can be applied in a variety of textures to match your slip resistant needs. The quartz flooring system is a decorative, durable system that has good chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This flooring system is ideal for wet areas, due to its ability have the system installed with increased surface texture and increase its slip resistance.

Surface Preparation:

Shotblasting is the concrete industry proven method for surface preparation. Shotblasting is a dust-free operation that removes the top layer of concrete (laitance) and curing compounds and opens the pores of the concrete. This allows the coatings to penetrate and weld themselves into the concrete. Some of our competitors use muratic acid or hand (diamond) grinding the concrete for surface preparation. Acid etching and grinding of a floor can create several potential problems. The main concern with grinding is the possibilities of sealing the pores of the concrete by grinding it too smooth, this can cause a poor bond of the flooring system and the possibility of system failure. Another concern with grinding is that it can cause a very dusty situation. This not only causes an environmental problem, but can also cause a health issue. That is why we perform all our mechanical preparation with vacuum attachments to minimize dust. Acid etching will not remove any sealers from the concrete and if the installer is not very careful during cleanup, they can leave residue on the concrete surface. Both of these conditions will cause a poor bond with the surface. These preparation methods, grinding and acid etching are an inadequate way to profile the concrete surface and can result in a high degree of coating failure.

Residential Applications:

Your garage is an extension of your home and if your garage is like many you enter your home through your garage, tracking in the oil, dirt and grime from the garage floor. If you try to keep your garage floor clean you know just how hard it is to keep it looking good. To start with the concrete floor keeps creating dust that never stops, and then the road salts and corrosive chemicals from your vehicles damage the surface creating even more problems, leaving it ugly looking and impossible to clean. Our epoxy flooring systems will change all of that! Chemical resistant and slip-resistant flooring from Elite Crete is easy to clean and extremely durable.

Standard Colors of Pigmented Epoxy:

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